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Re: Squeak and PLT Scheme


On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 18:09, Peter J. Wasilko, Esq. wrote:
>     It seems that Squeak and PLT Scheme are the most exciting and
> innovative readily accessible alternative language environments being
> supported today.
>     Has anyone considered embedding PLT Scheme inside of Squeak so
> Scheme could be used to drive Squeak objects and Squeak objects could
> invoke Scheme code from their methods and hold Scheme data structures in
> their class and instance variables?

An update to the Scheme for Squeak project was posted recently:


I don't think it is very complete right now. It says on the page:

        The goal of this project is clearly to not make a complete
        Scheme interpreter. It exists other project who do that bether
        than this one (cf Links section). This is just a framework for
        showing how another langage interpretation could be implemented
        in Squeak.
        Only a very small subset of Scheme is understood in fact.
        Actually, only 

                lambda, +, /, *, begin, cons, car, cdr, define, =, <, >,
                if, let, let*, null?, quote, set! 
        are understood.

I filed the code into my Squeak image, but I haven't played with it