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Re: Abstracting continuations

Quoting Joe Marshall <jrm@ccs.neu.edu>:
> From: <vkarvone@mappi.helsinki.fi>
> > A third idea comes from my spare time hobby. I have been designing a
> > functional higher-order programming language, which I call Order, on
> > top of the C preprocessor macro mechanism.
> This is one of the more warped ideas I've seen in a while.
> I've always thought that the preprocessor had more power
> than C itself.

In case someone is interested, I've placed a current draft copy of the
Order programming language manual (~30 pages, PDF) here:


Please note that I'm still trying to find ways to make the language
more convenient to use and better defined while not slowing down
interpretation significantly. In particular, parts of the document
that deal with operator definitions and variable symbol definitions
are likely to change. Also, I don't have much spare time for the

I'll also put some simple examples there shortly.

If someone is really interested, I can email a development snapshot of
the current interpreter implementation, but I do not consider it stable
enough to be released.

  Vesa Karvonen