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Modern Memory Configurations - was :: Re: Java GOOD -- Fire BAD

Greetings All,

> Finally, the amount of memory we're dealing with these days and the
> speed of our processors <snip>

    I wonder if we have enough RAM today that we could dispense with
virtual memory as a global system wide default and only enable it for
applications that really need the extra space.

    I hate hearing OS X constantly paging to disk despite my capacious
RAM or having the disk wake up from sleep mode just so I can open some
little 145K utility app. (I guess Steve Jobs infected me with the bug
that computers should be silent!)

    Moreover, from a Security perspective, I'd really like to be able to
annotate a variable with an "in RAM" declaration to insure that it never
gets paged out to disk where someone could theoretically scrape it out
of a VM swap file.

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