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Re: Language support companies (Was: Java GOOD -- Fire BAD)

Laurent GUERBY wrote:
> [snip]
> Talking about this, one thing I would need to feel
> more secure is paying multi-platform quality support : I mean you ship
> a report and you get back either a working compiler
> or a usable workaround in under a few days on all your platforms
> (contractual).
> [snip]
> What about this kind of platform support for LISP (or other nice
> languages)? Any list of companies by language?
Franz Inc's support for Allegro Common Lisp is at this level.  I've
never had to support multiple platforms simultaneously with their stuff
(serially, yes), but emailed bug reports get you a robot response
immediately, a developer response within a day or two, and
fixes/workarounds almost as fast.

Disclaimer: I'm a customer of Franz whenever I can talk my employers
into paying for it.

	- Bob