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Re: problems with lisp

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From: "Russ Ross" <rgr22@cl.cam.ac.uk>
To: <ll1-discuss@ai.mit.edu>
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2003 11:40
Subject: problems with lisp

> I've used Lisp a bit but not extensively.  I see several things that
> would deter me from using it over other available alternatives.
> Some of these could be flat out wrong (again, my experience is
> limited) and I'd be interested to hear either corrections or
> rebuttals to what appear to me to be problems.

I was going to write a rebuttal, but I've decided against it.
I've got a far better idea.  What is it you want to write?  Let's
start from there, and let's pick a Lisp or Scheme implementation
to start with.  You write it, and then report back on the problems,
which were real and which were vapor, and the workaround.
At best, you'll become a Lisp evangelist.  At worst, you'll be
an expert at exactly where lisp needs improvement.  Rather than
relying on limited experience, develop some more experience.