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OFF-TOPIC: Looking for a Lisp-related job?

Hi, All:

I thought I'd post this note here since the members seem knowledgeable
about Lisp and programming languages in general.

We are looking for a junior to medium level (in terms of experience)
developer who is knowledgeable about Lisp (we still use Genera).
If you are interested in working on really complex and challenging
resource-allocation problems and are interested in having
impact (our current focus is on aviation and our products run at Delta
Airlines, Federal Express etc. :) please send me a note at
sundar@ascent.com or to jobs@ascent.com. You can peruse our web site at
www.ascent.com or www.smartairport.com.
Our products use Lisp, X11,  Oracle, Java, Perl and Web technologies.

Apologies to those of you that think this is an inappropriate use of this
list. We've looked for a while and haven't found anyone
so I thought I'd try this list.


Sundar Narasimhan
Chief Scientist
Ascent Technology, Inc.