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Re: Rather, DSSLs increase modularity, productivity

On Nov 17, 2003, at 17:45, Dan Sugalski wrote:
> What I find most effective (modulo heckling from the LL audience here) 
> is
> "Larry and Bjarne were both language design pros, and look what they 
> ended
> up with. And you think you can do better?"

I have yet to meet a passionate lover of C++, but I have met many 
passionate defenders of Perl, especially among the 20-somethings 
inheriting the world.  I've seen good developers quit when management 
hinted they might have to use something other than Perl.  I'm guessing 
the cool factor comes from the explosive power of context in Perl, 
which, oddly, reminds me of the nuclear-powered syntax of APL.

Geoffrey S. Knauth | http://knauth.org/gsk