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Re: dynamic vs. static typing

On 2003-11-24T11:10:49-0500, Dan Sugalski wrote:
> And yes, you could instantiate type-specific versions, but then you
> have issues with mixed-type lists or code-size issues.

Neither kind of issues come up in Haskell or ML: mixed-type lists can
be treated as non-mixed-type lists where the type is existential or
a discriminated union; the same code only needs to be type-checked,
compiled, and stored once to be applied at runtime to a potentially
infinite set of types.

> The *whole* program wouldn't be ignorant of the fact that the list was a
> list of card objects or experimental victims^W^Wfreshman volunteers, say,
> but the shuffling code could be entirely ignorant of the types of the
> things in the list.



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