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Re: dynamic vs. static typing

Paul F. Dietz wrote:
> Scott McKay wrote:
>> No, no, no.  In Lisp, all parameters are passed by "object
>> reference" (*).  Some of these objects are mutable, so you
>> can change "parts" of them.  Integers happen to be immutable,
>> so there's no part of it you can change.
> However, in Common Lisp, a conforming implementation is allowed
> to copy numbers or characters at any time, so no conforming program
> may depend on their object identity being preserved.  The
> form (EQ X X) needn't evaluate to a true value if X has
> a number or character value.

...but if (EQ X Y) evaluates to true then you can be sure that it is the 
same value even in the case of numbers and characters. Sometimes, this 
is all you need.


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