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Re: the forward method [dynamic vs. static typing]

On 2003-11-26T05:24:56-0800, Steve Dekorte wrote:
> I'd suggest looking into how much easier it is 
> to implement distributed objects in a language with forwarding.

This sentence presupposes that it is much easier to implement
distributed objects in a language with forwarding.  This claim is hardly
defined, much less argued or proven, here or in a reference.

> C++ doesn't even compile the method names into the executable, so
> forwarding is impossible at the level of native C++ message calls.

This reasoning is unsound.  For example, it is easy to implement
Smalltalk without compiling anything into any executable, yet according
to you, Smalltalk supports forwarding.

> Without good empirical data, we don't know what the ideal system is so 
> doesn't seem prudent to dismiss either position (even in it's extreme) 
> as simply the result of ignorance or capriciousness (as was done in the 
> post that started this thread).

I assume you are referring to Shriram's post.  It does nothing of the
sort you suggested.  Specifically, it does not dismiss any position
regarding how useful static or dynamic typing is.

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