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Re: Still Economics---Re: [even more off topic] Re: More on dispatching by function return type

    > From: "Jon L White\(G\)" <jonlwhite@sbcglobal.net>

    > [....] overall Silicon Valley is still going incredibly strong.

    > For example, in the last round of Venture Capital fundings, SV still holds
    > the overwhelming lion's share in the USA (See
    > http://www.pwcmoneytree.com/moneytree/nav.jsp?page=region)  

I think you must mean "Silicon Valley is still going incredibly strong
_relative_to_ the rest of the country."  That's rather different.  And
not entirely uncontroversial.

Look at the first and second derivatives and the size of the entire

Also look at what's actually being produced by these ventures.  Yawn.

    > Although congestion on the freeways seems a bit "less" than
    > before, the SV real estate market is still booming, and
    > generally rising much faster than other industries.

Have you looked at falling rents?  Rising vacancy rates?  Falling real
estate sales rates?  Falling housing affordability rates?

That property owners can't afford to sell at prices that would raise
rather than depress sales rates is not a great endorsement of a
regional economy.   It's more like a measure of the amount of
outstanding property-related debt in the region, imo.

Informal direct observation suggests that the vacancy rates of
commercial property and salaries of advertised jobs tell a truer, more
pessimistic story.

    > Sun/Apple/Stanford or not, it's still a
    > great place to live.

It'll be ok, soon.  CMU is on the job in Mountain View. :-)