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Aikido language

I heard that this might be a good place to introduce a new language.  
Hope I'm
not mistaken.

Anyway, I have developed a new scripting/prototyping language that I 
called Aikido.  It's available on the Sun public web site (I don't work 
for Sun
any more) at http://www.sun.com/coolstuff and is licensed under the

By way of a little introduction, it's an interpreted language that has 
derived from C++, Java, Pascal, Ada and even BASIC.  The syntax is
most similar to C++ or Java but the semantics are higher level, with 
typing, multithreading and object orientation built in.

There are even some new language features that might be unique (but
I'm not certain of that).

I've modified it a bit recently, mostly getting it to work better under
Linux and a new version will be available as soon as I figure
out a place to put it.

So, if anyone is interested in giving it a test drive, please feel 
free.  I
think it's a good language and would be grateful for your esteemed