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Re: Anyone on ll1-discuss besides spammers?

At 11:41 AM 2004.04.13 -0500, Trevis Rothwell wrote:
>I found it amusing that this list has been getting
spam for how to 
>purchase university degrees, with such proclamations
as, "you don't 
>to lie about your education ever again!"  I would
imagine that 
>on this list either has one or more degrees, or is in
the process of 
>getting one...  :-)

Acually you'd be wrong about that.  I'm an autodidact.
 I have had a 
long career in software without ever having to lie
about not having a 
degree.  I am also not in the process of getting one
and have no 
intention of doing so in the future.

And you are therefore still outside the target market
of those spammers, aren't you?

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