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This course covers fundamental and a advanced domains in vision for mobile robots, including topics from early vision to mid- and high-level vision. This course will be in parallel with the MIT 2.166- Autonomous Vehicle(http://duckietown.mit.edu/), with the focus on perceptions.


  • Instructor: Nick Wang, email: hchengwang@csail.mit.edu

  • Teaching Assistant: Brain Chuang, email: fire594594594@gmail.com

  • Students: Students in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science (CS) are encouraged to join. It is a plus for students who have experience in image processing and computer vision, but not required.


  • syllabus

  • Lectures: 2EFG-EE113

  • Office time:


  • midterm/ final exams

  • In-class quiz

  • Problem sets

  • Project


  • Students will work in teams, with 2-3 people who have diverse background for collaborative efforts in hardware and software. Each team can choose either 1) a challenge in “Duckietown” or 2) your choice of project to improve methods to an existing problem or consider non-traditional problems. Students will present critique projects as well as write and review research paper at the end of the term. Sample Applications:

    • Assistance for the blind and visually impaired
    • Collision warning systems for mobile robots
    • Systems to improve roadside personnel safety at night
    • Perceptions for autonomous vehicle, such as lane, traffic light, and street name detection