Top view of NBS Centroids in L*a*b* space.


color balls Color-Name Dictionaries
Installing a Better Color-Name Dictionary
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The Colors of Heat
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Beam of yellow light split by reflection/transmission FreeSnell Thin-Film Optics
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Hexagon filled with saturated colors Printer Saturation Colors

Color-Name Dictionaries has become my most popular webpage, averaging 150 visits per day. It is linked from Wikipedia and elsewhere. Chirag Mehta has created a Name that Color webapp using the Resene Paint Colours list. There is even a Color Dictionary iPhone app based on the NBS-ISCC Centroids and Dictionaries of Color Names.

Unfortunately, Color-Name Dictionaries has not been noticed by the X.Org Foundation nor the World Wide Web Consortium, whose products contain deeply flawed color dictionaries from the 1980s. Instigating change in the face of so much organizational inertia is a daunting task.

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