Aluminum plate suspended in wind-tunnel

Go Figure!

I am a mathematician and author of finely crafted free softwares.
equal sign etched in (virtual) diabase The JACAL Symbolic Math System GNU
algorithm textbooks The Algorithmic Language Scheme
The SLIB Portable Scheme Library GNU
wild hare The SCM Implementation of Scheme GNU
Tree Root The WB B-Tree Database for SCM, Java, C#, and C GNU
Schlep Toolchains: Producing compatible Java, C#, and C code
Beam of yellow light split by reflection/transmission FreeSnell: Thin Film Optics
SimRoof: Radiative Cooling vs Solar Heat Gain
spiral design decoupage Docupage: Document Wrangling

A word for the epoch of free software and universal publishing:
voluntocracy n 1. governance by those who do the work. 2. the volunteers who do the work.

Mars Polar Orbiter Metric Interchange Format
Blue Screen of Death Computer Natural Science
Computer Science and Numerical Analysis
author with canoe overhead Invention
Convection Articles
sharks and fish Three billion years in the making ...
The Game Theory of Life
virtual ink marbling Marbling: Topological Computer Graphics
Top view of NBS Centroids in L*a*b* space. Color-Name Dictionaries
Reflections of cinder cone and glacier in wake eddies   Photographs  
sheet music Folk Music
CFO: Cambridge Folk Orchestra
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I am a guest and not a member of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  My actions and comments do not reflect in any way on MIT.
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