bird-of-paradise flowers


The Francia Plantation House (no longer open to the public) is built is built of coral limestone blocks. The building in front of the main house is a "shade house"; its lattice roof and walls moderate the sunlight to the tender plants inside.


side entrance to house
A covered staircase leads up to the side entrance (of the main house).

boy-with-umbrella fountain
A fountain overlooks the front lawn.

bird-of-paradise plants
Bordering the back lawn are bird-of-paradise flowers (Strelitzia reginae, native to South Africa).
traveler-palm plants
Towering above is a related species, the traveler-palm (Ravenala madagascariensis).

view of shore from bluff
The graveyard behind St. Andrews church looks down to the shore.
windswept trees
The wind on this bluff molds its trees.
tree with a few flowers

tree bare of leaves

rocks undercut by ocean surf
"Mushroom rocks" undercut by ocean surf.
rock undercut by ocean surf

shell of two-story bay
Ruins of the manor at Farley Hill National Park.

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