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5.11 Line Editing

(require 'edit-line)

These procedures provide input line editing and recall.

These functions are defined in edline.c and Iedline.scm using the editline or GNU readline (see Overview) libraries available from:

When edit-line package is initialized, if the current input port is the default input port and the environment variable EMACS is not defined, line-editing mode will be entered.

— Function: default-input-port

Returns the initial current-input-port SCM was invoked with (stdin).

— Function: default-output-port

Returns the initial current-output-port SCM was invoked with (stdout).

— Function: make-edited-line-port

Returns an input/output port that allows command line editing and retrieval of history.

— Function: line-editing

Returns the current edited line port or #f. — Function: line-editing bool

If bool is false, exits line-editing mode and returns the previous value of (line-editing). If bool is true, sets the current input and output ports to an edited line port and returns the previous value of (line-editing).