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5.11 Line Editing

(require 'edit-line)

These procedures provide input line editing and recall.

These functions are defined in edline.c and Iedline.scm using the editline or GNU readline (see Overview in GNU Readline Library) libraries available from:

When edit-line package is initialized, if the current input port is the default input port and the environment variable EMACS is not defined, line-editing mode will be entered.

Function: default-input-port

Returns the initial current-input-port SCM was invoked with (stdin).

Function: default-output-port

Returns the initial current-output-port SCM was invoked with (stdout).

Function: make-edited-line-port

Returns an input/output port that allows command line editing and retrieval of history.

Function: line-editing

Returns the current edited line port or #f.

Function: line-editing bool

If bool is false, exits line-editing mode and returns the previous value of (line-editing). If bool is true, sets the current input and output ports to an edited line port and returns the previous value of (line-editing).