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#!: Unix Scheme Scripts
#': Common-Lisp Read Syntax
#+: Common-Lisp Read Syntax
#-: Common-Lisp Read Syntax
#.: Common-Lisp Read Syntax
#;text-till-end-of-line: Documentation and Comments
#?column: Load Syntax
#?file: Load Syntax
#?line: Load Syntax
#\token: Common-Lisp Read Syntax
#|: Common-Lisp Read Syntax

$atan2: Numeric

-: SCM Options
---: SCM Options
---c-source-files=pathname: Build Options
---compiler-options=flag: Build Options
---defines=definition: Build Options
---features=feature: Build Options
---help: SCM Options
---initialization=call: Build Options
---libraries=libname: Build Options
---linker-options=flag: Build Options
---no-init-file: SCM Options
---object-files=pathname: Build Options
---outname=filename: Build Options
---platform=platform-name: Build Options
---scheme-initial=pathname: Build Options
---type=build-what: Build Options
---version: SCM Options
--batch-dialect=batch-syntax: Build Options
--no-symbol-case-fold: SCM Options
--script-name=batch-filename: Build Options
-a: SCM Options
-b: SCM Options
-c: Build Options
-c: SCM Options
-D: Build Options
-d: SCM Options
-e: SCM Options
-f: Build Options
-F: Build Options
-f: SCM Options
-h: Build Options
-h: SCM Options
-i: Build Options
-i: SCM Options
-j: Build Options
-l: Build Options
-l: SCM Options
-m: SCM Options
-no-init-file: SCM Options
-o: Build Options
-o: SCM Options
-p: Build Options
-p: SCM Options
-q: SCM Options
-r: SCM Options
-s: Build Options
-s: SCM Options
-t: Build Options
-u: SCM Options
-v: SCM Options
-w: Build Options

@apply: Environment Frames
@copy-tree: Storage
@macroexpand1: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros

_exclusive: Opening and Closing
_ionbf: Opening and Closing
_tracked: Opening and Closing

abort: Internal State
access: I/O-Extensions
acct: Unix Extensions
acons: Storage
acosh: Numeric
add-alias: Configure Module Catalog
add-finalizer: Storage
add-link: Configure Module Catalog
add-source: Configure Module Catalog
alarm: Interrupts
alarm-interrupt: Interrupts
alrm_signal: Signals
ARGC: Cells
arithmetic-error: Interrupts
array->list: Conventional Arrays
array-contents: Conventional Arrays
array-contents: Conventional Arrays
array-equal?: Array Mapping
array-fill!: Array Mapping
array-map: Array Mapping
array-map!: Array Mapping
array-prototype: Uniform Array
array?: Uniform Array
asinh: Numeric
ASRTER: C Macros
ASRTGO: C Macros
atan: Numeric
atanh: Numeric

bit-count: Bit Vectors
bit-count*: Bit Vectors
bit-invert!: Bit Vectors
bit-position: Bit Vectors
bit-set*!: Bit Vectors
boot-tail: SCM Session
boot-tail: Dump
box: Curses Miscellany
broken-pipe: Posix Extensions

call-with-outputs: Port Redirection
CAR: Cells
cbreak: Terminal Mode Setting
CCLO_LENGTH: Header Cells
CDR: Cells
char: Type Conversions
char-ready: Port Properties
char-ready?: Port Properties
char-ready?: Port Properties
char-ready?: Port Properties
char-ready?: Port Properties
char-ready?: Port Properties
char-ready?: Port Properties
char-ready?: Socket
char:sharp: Modifying Read Syntax
CHARS: Header Cells
CHARS: Header Cells
chdir: I/O-Extensions
chmod: I/O-Extensions
chown: Posix Extensions
clearok: Output Options Setting
close-port: Opening and Closing
close-port: Posix Extensions
close-port: Window Manipulation
closedir: I/O-Extensions
CLOSEDP: Ptob Cells
CODE: Cells
comment: Documentation and Comments
comment: Documentation and Comments
CONSP: Cells
copy-file: I/O-Extensions
copy-tree: Storage
cosh: Numeric
could-not-open: Interrupts
current-error-port: Port Redirection
current-input-port: Port Properties
current-input-port: Port Properties
current-time: Time

default-input-port: Line Editing
default-output-port: Line Editing
defconst: Define and Set
defined?: Define and Set
defmacro: Defmacro
defsyntax: Macro Primitives
defvar: Define and Set
directory*-for-each: I/O-Extensions
directory-for-each: I/O-Extensions
directory-for-each: I/O-Extensions
directory-for-each: I/O-Extensions
display: Output
display: Output
dld_find_executable: Executable Pathname
dump: Dump
dump: Dump
dump: Dump
dump: Dump
duplicate-port: I/O-Extensions
dyn:call: Dynamic Linking
dyn:link: Dynamic Linking
dyn:main-call: Dynamic Linking
dyn:unlink: Dynamic Linking

echo: Terminal Mode Setting
ed: Editing Scheme Code
ed: Editing Scheme Code
enclose-array: Conventional Arrays
end-of-program: Interrupts
endwin: Curses
ENV: Cells
errno: Errors
errno: Errors
error: Errors
eval: Eval and Load
EVAL: Evaluation
eval: Evaluation
eval-string: Eval and Load
exact-ceiling: Numeric
exact-floor: Numeric
exact-round: Numeric
exact-truncate: Numeric
exec-self: Internal State
execl: I/O-Extensions
execlp: I/O-Extensions
execpath: Internal State
execpath: Internal State
execpath: Internal State
execv: I/O-Extensions
execvp: I/O-Extensions
exit: SCM Session
exit: SCM Session
extended-environment: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros

file-position: Port Properties
file-position: Port Properties
file-position: Port Properties
fileno: I/O-Extensions
final_scm: Embedding SCM
find_impl_file: File-System Habitat
finite?: Numeric
force-output: Window Manipulation
fork: Posix Extensions
FPORTP: Ptob Cells
frame->environment: Debugging Continuations
frame-eval: Debugging Continuations
frame-trace: Debugging Continuations
free_continuation: Continuations
freshline: Port Properties

gc: Internal State
gc: Internal State
gc-hook: Storage
GCCDR: Marking Cells
GCTYP16: Marking Cells
gc_mark: Marking Cells
gentemp: Defmacro
get-internal-real-time: Time
get-internal-run-time: Time
getcwd: I/O-Extensions
getegid: Posix Extensions
getenv: SCM Session
getenv: SCM Session
geteuid: Posix Extensions
getgid: Posix Extensions
getgr: Posix Extensions
getgr: Posix Extensions
getgr: Posix Extensions
getgroups: Posix Extensions
gethost: Host and Other Inquiries
gethost: Host and Other Inquiries
getlogin: SCM Session
getnet: Host and Other Inquiries
getnet: Host and Other Inquiries
getpeername: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
getpid: I/O-Extensions
getppid: Posix Extensions
getproto: Host and Other Inquiries
getproto: Host and Other Inquiries
getpw: Posix Extensions
getpw: Posix Extensions
getpw: Posix Extensions
getserv: Host and Other Inquiries
getserv: Host and Other Inquiries
getsockname: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
getuid: Posix Extensions
getyx: Input

hang-up: Interrupts

ICHR: Immediates
ICHRP: Immediates
identifier->symbol: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
identifier-equal?: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
identifier?: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
idlok: Output Options Setting
IFLAGP: Immediates
IMP: Immediates
inet:address->string: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
inet:local-network-address: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
inet:make-address: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
inet:network: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
inet:string->address: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
infinite?: Numeric
initscr: Curses
init_buf0: Embedding SCM
init_sbrk: Embedding SCM
init_signals: Signals
init_signals: Embedding SCM
INPORTP: Ptob Cells
integer->line-number: Line Numbers
int_signal: Signals
INUM: Immediates
INUMP: Immediates
isatty?: Port Properties
ISYMCHARS: Immediates
ISYMNUM: Immediates
ISYMP: Immediates

kill: Posix Extensions

leaveok: Output Options Setting
LENGTH: Header Cells
LENGTH: Header Cells
LENGTH: Header Cells
line-editing: Line Editing
line-editing: Line Editing
line-number: Eval and Load
line-number->integer: Line Numbers
line-number?: Line Numbers
link: Posix Extensions
list->uniform-array: Uniform Array
load: Dynamic Linking
load-string: Eval and Load
load:sharp: Modifying Read Syntax
logaref: Uniform Array
logaset!: Uniform Array
long: Type Conversions
long: Type Conversions
long: Type Conversions
long2num: Type Conversions
lstat: Unix Extensions

macroexpand: Defmacro
macroexpand-1: Defmacro
main: Embedding SCM
makargvfrmstrs: Type Conversions
makcclo: Header Cells
make-arbiter: Process Synchronization
make-edited-line-port: Line Editing
make-exchanger: Process Synchronization
make-soft-port: Soft Ports
make-stream-socket: Socket
make-stream-socket: Socket
make-stream-socketpair: Socket
make-stream-socketpair: Socket
make_continuation: Continuations
make_gsubr: Defining Subrs
make_root_continuation: Continuations
makfrom0str: Type Conversions
makfromstr: Type Conversions
makfromstrs: Type Conversions
MAKICHR: Immediates
MAKIFLAG: Immediates
MAKINUM: Immediates
MAKISYM: Immediates
MAKSPCSYM: Immediates
mark_locations: Marking Cells
milli-alarm: Interrupts
mkdir: I/O-Extensions
mknod: Unix Extensions
must_free: Allocating memory
must_free_argv: Type Conversions
must_malloc: Allocating memory
must_malloc_cell: Allocating memory
must_realloc: Allocating memory
must_realloc_cell: Allocating memory
mvwin: Window Manipulation

newwin: Window Manipulation
nice: Unix Extensions
NIMP: Immediates
NINUMP: Immediates
nl: Terminal Mode Setting
nocbreak: Terminal Mode Setting
nodelay: Output Options Setting
noecho: Terminal Mode Setting
nonl: Terminal Mode Setting
noraw: Terminal Mode Setting
NSTRINGP: Header Cells
num2dbl: Type Conversions
num2long: Type Conversions
num2short: Type Conversions
NVECTORP: Header Cells

open-file: Opening and Closing
open-input-pipe: Posix Extensions
open-output-pipe: Posix Extensions
open-pipe: Posix Extensions
open-ports: Opening and Closing
opendir: I/O-Extensions
OPENP: Ptob Cells
OPFPORTP: Ptob Cells
OPPORTP: Ptob Cells
out-of-storage: Interrupts
OUTPORTP: Ptob Cells
overlay: Window Manipulation
overwrite: Window Manipulation

perror: Errors
pi*: Numeric
pi/: Numeric
pipe: Posix Extensions
port-closed?: Port Properties
port-column: Port Properties
port-filename: Port Properties
port-line: Port Properties
port-type: Port Properties
PORTP: Ptob Cells
pp: Debugging Scheme Code
pprint: Debugging Scheme Code
print: Debugging Scheme Code
print-args: Debugging Scheme Code
print-args: Debugging Scheme Code
procedure->identifier-macro: Macro Primitives
procedure->macro: Macro Primitives
procedure->memoizing-macro: Macro Primitives
procedure->syntax: Macro Primitives
procedure-documentation: Documentation and Comments
profile-alarm: Interrupts
profile-alarm-interrupt: Interrupts
program-arguments: SCM Session
putenv: I/O-Extensions

qase: Define and Set
quit: SCM Session
quit: SCM Session

raw: Terminal Mode Setting
read-char: Port Properties
read-char: Input
read-for-load: Line Numbers
read-numbered: Line Numbers
read:sharp: Modifying Read Syntax
readdir: I/O-Extensions
readlink: Unix Extensions
real-acos: Numeric
real-acosh: Numeric
real-asin: Numeric
real-asinh: Numeric
real-atan: Numeric
real-atanh: Numeric
real-cos: Numeric
real-cosh: Numeric
real-exp: Numeric
real-expt: Numeric
real-ln: Numeric
real-log10: Numeric
real-sin: Numeric
real-sinh: Numeric
real-sqrt: Numeric
real-tan: Numeric
real-tanh: Numeric
record-printer-set!: Records
redirect-port!: I/O-Extensions
refresh: Window Manipulation
regcomp: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regerror: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regexec: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regmatch: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regmatch?: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regmatchv: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regsearch: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
regsearchv: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
release-arbiter: Process Synchronization
rename-file: I/O-Extensions
renamed-identifier: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
renaming-transformer: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
reopen-file: I/O-Extensions
require: Dynamic Linking
resetty: Terminal Mode Setting
restart: Internal State
restore_signals: Embedding SCM
rewinddir: I/O-Extensions
rmdir: I/O-Extensions
room: Internal State
room: Internal State

savetty: Terminal Mode Setting
scalar->array: Array Mapping
scalar->array: Array Mapping
scm_evstr: Callbacks
scm_find_execpath: Embedding SCM
scm_find_implpath: Embedding SCM
scm_gc_protect: Changing Scm
scm_init_from_argv: Embedding SCM
scm_ldfile: Callbacks
scm_ldprog: Callbacks
scm_ldstr: Callbacks
scm_protect_temp: Changing Scm
scm_top_level: Embedding SCM
scope-trace: Debugging Continuations
script_count_argv: Script Support
script_find_executable: Script Support
script_process_argv: Script Support
scroll: Output
scrollok: Output Options Setting
serial-array-map!: Array Mapping
serial-array:copy!: Array Mapping
set!: Define and Set
setegid: Posix Extensions
seteuid: Posix Extensions
setgid: Posix Extensions
setgrent: Posix Extensions
setgrent: Posix Extensions
setgrent: Posix Extensions
sethostent: Host and Other Inquiries
sethostent: Host and Other Inquiries
setnetent: Host and Other Inquiries
setnetent: Host and Other Inquiries
setprotoent: Host and Other Inquiries
setprotoent: Host and Other Inquiries
setpwent: Posix Extensions
setpwent: Posix Extensions
setpwent: Posix Extensions
setservent: Host and Other Inquiries
setservent: Host and Other Inquiries
setuid: Posix Extensions
short: Type Conversions
SHORT_ALIGN: Continuations
SIDEVAL: Evaluation
sinh: Numeric
socket-name:address: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
socket-name:family: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
socket-name:port-number: Internet Addresses and Socket Names
socket:accept: Socket
socket:bind: Socket
socket:bind: Socket
socket:connect: Socket
socket:connect: Socket
socket:listen: Socket
socket:shutdown: Socket
stack-trace: Errors
STACK_GROWS_UP: Continuations
stack_size: Continuations
stat: I/O-Extensions
STREAM: Ptob Cells
string-edit: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
string-split: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
string-splitv: Regular Expression Pattern Matching
STRINGP: Header Cells
subwin: Window Manipulation
SYMBOLP: Header Cells
symlink: Unix Extensions
sync: Unix Extensions
syntax-quote: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
syntax-rules: Syntax-Rules

tanh: Numeric
the-macro: Syntactic Hooks for Hygienic Macros
throw_to_continuation: Continuations
ticks: Interrupts
ticks-interrupt: Interrupts
touchline: Window Manipulation
touchwin: Window Manipulation
trace: Debugging Scheme Code
trace: Debugging Scheme Code
transpose-array: Conventional Arrays
try-arbiter: Process Synchronization
try-create-file: I/O-Extensions
try-load: Eval and Load
try-load: Line Numbers
try-open-file: Opening and Closing
ttyname: Posix Extensions
TYP16: Cells
TYP3: Cells
TYP7: Cells

UCHARS: Header Cells
UCHARS: Header Cells
ulong2num: Type Conversions
umask: I/O-Extensions
uname: Posix Extensions
unctrl: Curses Miscellany
uniform-array-read!: Uniform Array
uniform-array-read!: Uniform Array
uniform-array-write: Uniform Array
uniform-array-write: Uniform Array
untrace: Debugging Scheme Code
untrace: Debugging Scheme Code
user-interrupt: Interrupts
usr:lib: Dynamic Linking
utime: I/O-Extensions

vector-set-length!: Storage
VECTORP: Header Cells
VELTS: Header Cells
verbose: Internal State
virtual-alarm: Interrupts
virtual-alarm-interrupt: Interrupts
vms-debug: SCM Session
void: Sweeping the Heap

wadd: Output
wadd: Output
wait-for-input: Port Properties
wait-for-input: Port Properties
waitpid: Posix Extensions
warn: Errors
wclear: Output
wclrtobot: Output
wclrtoeol: Output
wdelch: Output
wdeleteln: Output
werase: Output
winch: Input
winsch: Output
winsertln: Output
with-error-to-file: Port Redirection
with-error-to-port: Port Redirection
with-input-from-port: Port Redirection
with-output-to-port: Port Redirection
wmove: Window Manipulation
wstandend: Curses Miscellany
wstandout: Curses Miscellany

x:lib: Dynamic Linking

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