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Function: in-graphic-context arg …

Saves the current graphics state, executes args, then restores to saved graphics state.

Function: set-color color

color should be a string naming a Resene color, a saturate color, or a number between 0 and 100.

set-color sets the PostScript color to the color of the given string, or a grey value between black (0) and white (100).

Function: set-font font height
Function: set-font font encoding height

font should be a (case-sensitive) string naming a PostScript font. height should be a positive real number. encoding should name a PostScript encoding such as ‘ISOLatin1Encoding’.

set-font Changes the current PostScript font to font with the encoding encoding, and height equal to height. The default font is ‘Helvetica’ (12pt). The default encoding is ‘StandardEncoding’.

The base set of PostScript fonts is:


The base set of PostScript encodings is:


Line parameters do no affect fonts; they do effect glyphs.

Function: set-linewidth w

The default linewidth is 1. Setting it to 0 makes the lines drawn as skinny as possible. Linewidth must be much smaller than glyphsize for readable glyphs.

Function: set-linedash j k

Lines are drawn j-on k-off.

Function: set-linedash j

Lines are drawn j-on j-off.

Function: set-linedash

Turns off dashing.

Function: set-glyphsize w

Sets the (PostScript) variable glyphsize to w. The default glyphsize is 6.

The effects of clip-to-rect are also part of the graphic context.

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