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A rectangle is a list of 4 numbers; the first two elements are the x and y coordinates of lower left corner of the rectangle. The other two elements are the width and height of the rectangle.

Function: whole-page

Pushes a rectangle for the whole encapsulated page onto the PostScript stack. This pushed rectangle is an implicit argument to partition-page or setup-plot.

Function: partition-page xparts yparts

Pops the rectangle currently on top of the stack and pushes xparts * yparts sub-rectangles onto the stack in decreasing y and increasing x order. If you are drawing just one graph, then you don’t need partition-page.

Variable: plotrect

The rectangle where data points should be plotted. plotrect is set by setup-plot.

Variable: graphrect

The pagerect argument of the most recent call to setup-plot. Includes plotrect, legends, etc.

Function: fill-rect rect

fills rect with the current color.

Function: outline-rect rect

Draws the perimiter of rect in the current color.

Function: clip-to-rect rect

Modifies the current graphics-state so that nothing will be drawn outside of the rectangle rect. Use in-graphic-context to limit the extent of clip-to-rect.