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Email: ali-design [at]

My research focuses on data-driven approaches to both design and aesthetics. I scientifically and computationally study the content and purpose of visual aesthetics, and how to translate the inherently human concept of aesthetics to algorithms and systems used by machines, with the goal of developing technologies that augment human creativity.



- Jun. 2017: Joined the Robotics Group at MIT Mechatronics Research Laboratory.

- May 2017: Invited speaker to at Visual Computing Group Harvard University.

- May 2017: Presenting two papers at CHI'17 in Denver, CO.

- Invited as an honorable speaker to the Int. Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation, Sept 2017, Berlin, Germany.

- Mar. 2017: Our paper on Culturally-Grounded Creativity in Social Media is accepted in ACM Creativity & Cognition 2017.

- Feb. 2017: Invited speaker to SFSU.

- Feb. 2017: Our paper on Mining Visual Evolution in 21 Years of Web Design is to be appeared in ACM CHI'17 EA Proceedings.

- Nov. 2016: Our color semantics paper is to be appeared in ACM TOCHI journal.

- Oct. 2016: Reviewing eight papers this year for ACM CHI and ACM IUI.

- Sept. 2016: Invited speaker to Tufts University.

- Jul. 2016: Invited speaker to Brown University.

- Jun. 2016: My PhD thesis was Awarded and published in Springer Ph.D. Theses – the “best of the best” series.