A demo of applictions of my research:

To obtain the packages, have a look at my github or email me.

- Java Programming for Image Processing Graduate Students. A tutorial package including sildes and code. The goal is to develop your own code libraries in Java:
  1. Object Oriented Programming Concept
  2. Java vs C/C++ (and a cheat-sheet)
  3. Abstract Data Type in Java
  4. Design of Graphical User Interface
  5. Image Lodader
  6. Image Filters
  7. 2D Random Processes
  8. Segmentation: Nearest Neighbour Components
  9. Principle Component Analysis for OCR
  10. LASSO: L1 Regularization for Regression
  11. Image Restoration
  12. JEPG Compression
  13. Halftoning
  14. Image Matting by Scribbling
  15. Image Recoloring: Color Transfer

- Automatic Design of Magazine Covers, including layout, typography, and color design [Java code, Matlab code].

- Semantic Color Design, an implementation of Kobayashi's Color Image Scale [Matlab code].