I think that the way politics work today is bad for the United States, and it makes me sad.

To what extent is the vitriol present in today's politics necessary? While I have great respect for our institutions, I have much less for politics as conducted today. I'm sure many people agree with me - only, Republicans will blame Democrats, Democrats will blame Republicans, and nothing will change.

I have seen, over and over, tragedy after tragedy of the commons. The vast majority of serious issues that come before the legislative branch somehow devolve into partisan rhetoric. It seems as though there is generally more to be won by blaming the opposition for failure than by congratulating them on bipartisan success.

If you feel as I do, I urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them that the status quo is not good enough. If enough people tell them that we deserve better, they will listen - because, at the very least, most politicians want to be re-elected.

Jacob Scott
April 22, 2006

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