Jake Bouvrie

Research Affiliate, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT

jvb at csail dot mit dot edu

I am a researcher and engineer with interests broadly centered on machine learning and artificial intelligence. My research and applied efforts to date have spanned:

  • deep learning, and theory for hierarchical (layered) models in vision
  • stochastic systems and decision making/optimization in uncertain environments
  • understanding unstructured data and modeling multimodal datasets
  • speech recognition & analysis
  • computational neuroscience

I also enjoy integrating machine learning into other disciplines (e.g., control theory, health applications, business workflows).

Most recently, I co-founded two AI oriented startups: one focused on predictive analytics and machine learning for insurtech & healthcare, and the other on semantic search and multimodal retrieval using deep natural language processing. Prior to my time in industry, I was a postdoc at MIT (LCSL/PoggioLab), visiting faculty at Duke (Math), and a PhD student at MIT under Prof. Tomaso Poggio (CBCL, now part of the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines).

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