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Allegra Goodman

Welcome to my home page. Here you can find information about my books as well as some articles about me. Bold Type contains an online version of Retrospective from Total Immersion.

My books

I've collated various reviews of my books from around the net.

Articles about me

  1. Harvard Magazine
  2. At home with Allegra Goodman in the  New York Times
  3. Publisher's Weekly
  4. Ghost Stories: The New Wave of Jewish Writing in Tikkun Magazine
  5. An interview from The Oregonian
  6. Bookpage
  7. An interview at Powell's bookstore.
  8. Literary Encyclopedia
  9. Novellists in the Nineties at

Short Fiction

  1. Long Distance Client

Articles by me

  1. A marriage of two minds in the Mothers Who Think series at Salon
  2. Slate Diary April 15-19 1997
  3. Calming the Inner Critic and Getting to Work, New York Times 3/12/2001
  4. Jewish Literature Bridging the Secular and the Spiritual at National Foundation for Jewish Culture