32 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA
617 258 6167
MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
The Stata Center, Room G592
32 Vassar St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617)-258-6167 (office)

UROPs: My group often has openings for urops. You can find a list of ongoing projects here. If you find one of them interesting, take a look at the relevant papers, then send me a resume and (informal) transcript. Urops should have completed 6.01 or equivalent; superurops 6.005 or equivalent.

I am a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the EECS department at MIT.

My primary interest these days is in developing tools that help individuals manage information better. This involves studying people and current tools to understand where the problems are, creating and evaluating tools that address those problems, and deploying those tools to learn how people use them and iterate the whole process. I draw on whatever fields can help: information retrieval, machine learning, databases, and algorithms, but most often human computer interaction.

I begin my career in algorithms and continue to be interested in the topic, particularly in the application of algorithms to real world problems. This has led me to work in systems, networking, and coding and communication.

I have also spent some time working at Akamai and consulting for Google, Microsoft, and Vanu.

My resume is here.

I recently helped to develop and teach 6.s082: Design for the Web: Languages and User Interfaces

I often teach 6854: Advanced Algorithms. and 6.856: Randomized Algorithms. I also occasionally teach a dance class for PE credit

This site contains, among other things, a list of my publications.