Harvard/MIT/MSR Theory Reading Group (v2.0)

This seminar series is now over and replaced by the Theory Reading Group (v3.0).

About: This is a revival of the MSR/MIT Theory Reading Group. Goal: The goal of this reading group is to learn in significant depth about (new/exciting) developments in theoretical computer science and related areas.

Formula: Each meeting consists of a three-hour-long whiteboard talk given by the speaker. Talks tend to be informal in nature and quite interactive. In particular, questions from the audience are strongly encouraged. There is a break in the middle – it is not impolite to leave during this break, or indeed any time earlier or later. Ah...and we have pizza!

Time and place: The meetings will alternate between Harvard and MIT during terms, and will be held at MSR in the summer. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings will be held on Fridays 1:15 pm–4:15 pm (with pizza at 1pm).

Organizers: Boaz Barak, Yael Kalai, Aleksander Mądry, Ankur Moitra, Madhu Sudan.

Mailing list: There is a mailing list where the announcements of upcoming talks, as well as, other information related to the reading group appear. To subscribe to this list, visit this page. Please note that the mailing list is intended only for local participants. So please subscribe using an email that lets us know you are local, or send email to madhu letting him know who, and where, you are.

Upcoming Talks:

Past Talks:

Past Organizers: Bobby Kleinberg

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