Michael H. Coen
Postdoctoral Associate
mhcoen @ csail.mit.edu

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
32 Vassar Street, 32-G478
(617) 258-7621
Cambridge, MA 02139  

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Briefest of Biological Sketches:


1996-2000: Led the Intelligent Room Project at MIT's AI Lab.

2000-2004: Chief scientist of a Wall Street startup company in NYC.


October 2004: Had the good fortune to marry Aimee Becker.


January 2005: Returned to MIT to finish my dissertation.

May 2006: Received my Ph.D.


Currently: Postdoc at CSAIL, pursuing biologically-inspired computation.


A random fact about me that hopefully can't be used for identify theft:

My favorite (Mersenne) prime number is 219-1, because it was discovered in 1588. 
(Exercise for the reader, try showing that using only paper and pencil. Or if you're a
purist, quill and parchment.)