A Bear in the Sandstorm

by Mihai Pătraşcu

This was my final project in 21M.065 Introduction to Musical Composition. It is a 4-minute piece for guitar, trumpet, drum and vocals. With a bit of imagination, it can be classified as alternative rock =)

The score (PDF)

This is an informal record of the melodic information. The rhythmic information is notated somewhat coarsely; listen to the recording to understand the rhythms. The rests as notated are too long, and should be reduced to preserve the momentum.

Recording (MP3)

This is based on the 21M.065 final performances on December 6, 2005. Thanks to Brian Robison for the recording. The performers are:

Note that the performers had very little time to prepare the piece, during the busiest time of the semester. Thus, it is understood that the performance is not ideal.

I editted the original recording to adjust the volume of the guitar sections (the guitar was not amplified). I don't have any experience with audio editting, and it shows. If you know how to make the editting less obvious, let me know. For reference, here is the original recording.


I was performing final projects by other people, and I dressed up to capture the spirit of the event.