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List of countries I've been to.

Sep'07-Oct'07   BOS -fly- IAD -fly- PEK -fly- DXB -fly- VIE -fly- BBU ( Mira graduation ) -rail- Craiova ( fountains ) -car- Mraconia -rail- Timisoara -rail- Budapest -rail- BTS -fly- AMS -rail- Bonn -rail- BRU -fly- JFK -fly- BOS -rail- Providence
Aug'07   San Jose -car- Yosemite -hike- Cloud's Rest (3025m) -car- SEA -fly- IAD -fly- BOS
June'07   SFO -fly- ICN -rail- -bike- Gyeongju -fly- SFO -fly- SAN ( SeaWorld ) -car- Hollywood -car- Las Vegas -car- Grand Canyon -car- Pacific Coast Highway -car- San Jose
Jun'07-Aug'07   Summer at IBM Almaden: bike | around San Jose
May'07   BOS -fly- SEA -fly- ANC -hike- Flattop (1070m) -car- Zoo -car- Seward -ship- Kenai Fjords -fly- SEA -fly- CLE -fly- BOS
Mar'07   JFK -fly- FRA -fly- OTP -car- Bulgaria -hike- H. Musala (2389m) -car- OTP -fly- FRA -fly- JFK
Dec'06-Jan'07   BOS -fly- LHR -fly- TLV -car- -hike- (200m) -fly- ATH -fly- OTP -car- Predeal -hike- (2000m) -fly- LHR -fly- PHL -fly- MSY -fly- IAD -fly- BOS
Oct'06   BOS -fly- OAK -rail- Berkeley -car- Yosemite -hike- Half Dome (2693m) -car- Mountain View -car- SJC -fly- PHX -fly- BOS
Rerouted ... -fly- PHX -fly- LAS -fly- BOS after delays
Oct'06   BOS -car- -hike- Mt. Washington (1917m)
Sep'06   My apt in Boston (12 Pleasant St, 02139) | House warming party
Sep'06   BOS -bus- LGA -fly- PBI -fly- PHL -bus- Washington, DC -bus- BOS
Amazingly, I got to fly to Florida 4 times in 2006...
Jul'06   JFK -fly- ZRH -fly- OTP -rail- -bus- BUD -fly- CPH -rail- Lund -fly- LHR -fly- JFK
If you know why I couldn't fly JFK -fly- LHR -fly- OTP  you're a student from Eastern Europe
Jun'06-Sep'06   My apt in NY (B and 9th, 10009) | Manhattan | Greenpoint | -ship- Staten Island | -rail- NJ and labs | consequences of a -bike- accident
May'06   BOS -fly- SFO -car- Stanford -car- IBM Almaden
Apr'06   BOS -fly- JFK -fly- LIM -fly- CUZ -hike- (4215m) -hike- Machu Picchu -rail- CUZ -fly- LIM -fly- SCL -fly- CCP -fly- ZAL -fly- CCP -fly- SCL -fly- LIM -fly- JFK -fly- BOS -car- Charleston
Got a 2 hours break between landing in BOS and driving to South Carolina :)
Feb'06   BOS -fly- SEA
Jan'06   BOS -fly- MIA -car- -bike- Everglades
Dec'05   BOS -fly- OTP -rail- Craiova -rail- Sinaia -hike- (2000m)
Performing in a concert | Fun with John Harvard | MIT Christmas Cooking
Nov'05   Cooking coliva for the Theory Groups's Cookie Fest. "Coliva" is a funeral cake from the Balkans.
Jul'05   BOS -fly- CDG -fly- LIS -fly- ZRH -fly- OTP (plus nightlife ) -rail- -ship- Danube Delta -rail- Craiova
Fun with a soldier's outfit
Jun'05   BOS -fly- KEF -fly- FRA -rail- Oberwolvach -rail- Strasbourg -rail- Saarbrücken -bike- Trier -bike- France -rail- FRA -fly- KEF -hike- Esja (909m)
Sep'04   BOS -fly- CPH -fly- BOS
Aug'04   Boston -car- 6Flags, MA -car- Princeton -car- Washington, DC -car- Manhattan -car- Rockport, MA
Jul'04   BOS -fly- FRA -fly- OTP -car- Sinaia -car- OTP -fly- FRA -fly- BOS
Jun'04   BOS -fly- ORD -fly- BTV -car- BOS
May'04   BOS -fly- CDG -fly- FCO -rail- -ship- Elba
Jul'03   Craiova -car- Maramures -car- Moldova
Boston   Freedom Trail | Arnold Arboretum | Skyline by night | Snow | Franklin Park Zoo | Evening with Champions (ice skating) | -ship- Whale Watching | IFair

Jul'02-May'05   Married life... Wedding | Me and Corina | First year at MIT
Typical social activities during married life: Corina's birthday 2004 | Corina's birthday 2005 ( dinner | party ) | dinner with friends (Dec'04)
    Some trips before the age of the digital camera:
Aug'01   Bucharest -bus- Strasbourg -bus- Paris
Jul'01   OTP -fly- ZRH -fly- TMP
Sep'00   OTP -fly- PEK
May'00   OTP -fly- VIE -fly- SKP -fly- OHD
Oct'99   OTP -fly- IST -fly- AYT
Sep'99   OTP -fly- PRG -bus- Brno
Oct'98   OTP -fly- CDG -fly- LAX -bus- San Francisco -bus- Las Vegas -bus- SFO -fly- CDG -fly- OTP
Aug'98   Craiova -bus- Thessaloniki -bus- Stavros -ship- Mt. Athos
Jul'98   OTP -fly- SVO -fly- YKS -ship- Lena River -fly- SVO -fly- OTP
1997   Craiova -bus- Zürich -bus- -hike- Alps
1996   Craiova -bus- Vienna
1996   Craiova -rail- Chişinău