Press Coverage


Obstruction-Free Photography:

PetaPixel, Aug 5 2015: "Wow: This Algorithm Can Separate Reflections from Photographs"
TechCrunch, Aug 4 2015: "Google And MIT Researchers Demo An Algorithm That Lets You Take Clear Photos Through Reflections"
MIT Technology Review, Aug 4 2015: "Erase Obstructions from Photos with a Click"


Visual Vibrometry:

MIT News, May 21 2015: "Gauging materials’ physical properties from video"


The Visual Microphone:

BBC, Jun 29 2015: "The camera that can reconstruct sound from another room"
The Guardian, Aug 6 2015: "The sound of silence: new video tech looks beyond the internet of things"
NPR, Aug 30 2014: Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! (an amusing segment about our visual microphone starts at 3:30)
CNN, Aug 7 2014: "Eavesdropping with a camera and potted plants"
IEEE Spectrum, Aug 6 2014: "Your Candy Wrappers are Listening"
Wired, Aug 5 2014: "How to reconstruct speech from a silent video of a crisp packet"
Bloomberg Businessweek, Aug 5 2014: "MIT Researchers Create an All-Seeing Ear"
ABC News, Aug 5 2014: "Your Bag of Chips Is Spying on You"
engadget, Aug 4 2014: "Visual microphone can pick up speech from a bag of potato chips"
New Scientist, Aug 4 2014: "Caught on tape: cameras turn video into sound"
Time, Aug 4 2014: "MIT Researchers Can Spy on Your Conversations With a Potato-Chip Bag"
The Washinton Post, Aug 4 2014: "MIT researchers can listen to your conversation by watching your potato chip bag"
MIT News, Aug 4 2014: "Extracting audio from visual information"


Video Magnification:

MathWorks, Oct 10 2015, "MIT CSAIL Researchers Develop Video Processing Algorithms to Magnify Minute Movements and Changes in Color"
Washington Post, Jan 28 2015: "Motion microscope’ reveals movements too small for the human eye"
Reuters, Jan 28 2015, "Amplifying tiny movements to visualize the invisible"
Yedioth Ahronoth, Mar 17 2013: "The Hidden Secrets of Video" (Hebrew)
Discovery Channel, Feb 28 2013: "Daily Planet" (video)
Daily Mail, Feb 28 2013: "How to spot a liar (and cheat at poker)"
New York Times, Feb 27 2013: "Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video" | Video
Txchnologist, Feb 1 2013: "New Video Process Reveals Heart Rate, Invisible Movement"
MIT News, Feb 1 2013: "MIT researchers honored for 'Revealing Invisible Changes"
Wired, Jul 25 2012: "MIT algorithm measures your pulse by looking at your face"
MIT Technology Review, Jul 24 2012: "Software Detects Motion that the Human Eye Can't See"
BBC Radio, Jul 3 2012: "MIT Video colour amplification"
Der Spiegel, Jun 27 2012: "Video software can make pulse visible" (German)
MIT News, Jun 21 2012: "Researchers amplify variations in video, making the invisible visible" | Video | Spotlight (our work on the MIT front page)
PetaPixel, Jun 13 2012: "Magnifying the Subtle Changes in Video to Reveal the Invisible"
Huffington Post, Jun 4 2012: "MIT's New Video Technology Could Give You Superhuman Sight"
Gizmodo, Jun 4 2012: "New X-Ray Vision-Style Video Can Show a Pulse Beating Through Skin"


Seam Carving:

PhotoshopDaily, Jul 22 2009: "Insider Info: Content-Aware Scaling"
NYTimes, Nov 20 2008: "What's in Photoshop CS4 for Photographers?"
ZDNet, Oct 28 2008: "Best new feature for photographers in Adobe Photoshop CS4"
CNET, Nov 19 2007: "Seam carving photo resizing now for video"