Table survey.comparisons
The main table containing the user responses

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Columns with indexes
Implied relationships
Excluded column relationships
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
sid int 10 0
options.sid FK_options_cid FK_comparisons_sid
Session id
cid int 10 0
options.cid FK_options_cid
Comparison id (within this session, 0 based)
did int 10 0
results.did FK_comparisons_res2
Dataset id
res1 int 10 0 FK_comparisons_res1
Left result id
res2 int 10 0 FK_comparisons_res2
Right result id
selected int 10 0 Selected result id
ctime double 22  √  null The time it took the user to choose his preferred result (might be NULL in earlier versions)
options varchar 128  √  null The selected options in case the extra question was given (NULL o/w)
qtime double 22  √  null The time it took the user to select his options

Analyzed at Tue Aug 24 23:21 EDT 2010

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
res1 + did Performance Asc/Asc IDX_comparisons_res1
res2 + did Performance Asc/Asc IDX_comparisons_res2
sid Performance Asc IDX_comparisons_sid
sid + cid Must be unique Asc/Asc UNQ_comparisons_cid
sid + did + res1 + res2 Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc/Asc UNQ_comparisons_res

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