Table survey.sessions
User session data

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id int 10  √ 
comparisons.sid FK_comparisons_sid
Unique session identifier
uuid varchar 128 Session uuid generated by PHP
mode int 10  √  null Survey mode (0=random, 1=experiment)
expid int 10  √  null Experiment id (if applicable)
exptype int 10 0 Experiment type (0=reference, 1=blind)
user int 10 0 User type (0=normal, 1=mturk)
version double 22 0 Survey version
started datetime 19 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The time this session started
ended datetime 19  √  null The time this session ended (NULL for partially completed session)
ip varchar 32  √  null Client ip
host text 65535  √  null Client host (by reverse DNS lookup)
agent text 65535  √  null Client agent
gender int 10 0 User gender
age int 10 0 User age
bkgrnd int 10 0 User background in image processing
comment text 65535  √  null Any additional comment about this session

Analyzed at Tue Aug 24 23:21 EDT 2010

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
expid Performance Asc IDX_sessions_expid
mode Performance Asc IDX_sessions_mode
uuid Must be unique Asc UNQ_sessions_uuid

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