Manasi Vartak

PhD Student, Database Group, MIT CSAIL

Interests: Systems to Support Machine Learning,
Data Visualization, Novel tools for Data Analytics

Email: mvartak _at_
Twitter: @DataCereal

I am a PhD student in the MIT Database Group where I work on novel systems to support machine learning and data visualization. Most recently, I have worked on ModelDB, a system to manage ML models, and SeeDB, a system to provide visualization recommendations. My advisor is Sam Madden.

In the past, I've worked/interned at Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. I am a recipient of the Facebook PhD Fellowship (2016) and the Google Anita Borg Scholarship (2013).


New paper on large-scale content recommendation using deep learning May 2017 NA: double blind reviews
Talks on ModelDB at Microsoft NERD,, Twitter March - April 2017
Talk on ModelDB at Spark Summit February 2017 Slides, Video
ModelDB v0 released! February 2017 Website, GitHub
Co-organized and lectured at MIT IAP Class
A Whirlwind Tour of Machine Learning
January 2017 Website (with material)
Presented ModelDB at NIPS 2016 ML Systems Workshop December 2016 Paper
Vision paper on next generation Visualization Recommender Systems is out! December 2016 Paper