MIT 2.12 Intro to Robotics Lab


I was the lead TA of 2.12 Intro to Robotics. I revised the lab materials using ROS framework and designed the final project competition "Pokemon Robotics Challenge." I got a score of 6.9 out of 7 in course evaluation. Materials are openly available below.

Lab1 Handout, Code

Lab2 Handout, Code

Lab3 Handout, Code

Lab4 Handout, Code

Lab5 Handout, Code

Pokemon Robotics Challenge Rule, Code , Student showcase

Lab Tutorials and Guides

Dec.1.2016 Competition day

Outreach: National Chiao Tung University uses the lab in the class: Sensing & Intelligent System, Fall 2017.

Students and their robots at NCTU Taiwan 2017

News: MIT 2.12 continues with the lab in Fall 2017.