On To Java, On-Line

Patrick Henry Winston

Sundar Narasimhan

Welcome to the on-line version of the textbook, On To Java, third edition, by Patrick Henry Winston and Sundar Narasimhan.

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Chapter 1

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To see the applet, you may need to download a plugin, because, at the moment, some popular browsers do not support the Java swing classes. Your browser should offer to do this for you.

The hard-copy version of this book is now available at your local book store, or at Amazon.com.

You may see the third edition referenced as On ToJava 2. The 2 is not the edition number—it indicates that the book uses the Java 2 Platform, which at this writing, uses Java version 1.3.x.

Note that you can experiment with the software for this book by cutting and pasting the code shown in your browser. You can download poster images using your browser as well.

If you are using the hard-copy version of the book, and want to jump to a specific segment, use the index of Segment Pointers.

Corrections to the original text appear in yellow. Many thanks to the readers who found them.