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Tue, 12 Sep 2006

New Theory For Why We Haven't Found Any Trace of Life Outside Earth

CERN is building a new particle accelerator that should really smash things together at tremendous speeds, so high that miniature black holes are created. Theoretically, these black holes should go away almost immediately, and not grow to gobble up the earth. This theory is supported by the observation that cosmic rays (which often are way more powerful that CERN's latest efforts) haven't managed to black hole us to an alternate universe. Still, it's an untested theory and you never know...

And that engenders the second-funniest speculation I've heard about why we haven't yet found evidence of life outside earth: just when alien civilizations figure out enough science to start looking beyond their home planet, they inadvertently do something stupid (like create a black hole that gobbles their planet up) which destroys them. Hence, we haven't heard from them. Seen on Slashdot.

The funniest speculation about why we haven't heard from aliens? Aliens are so smart, they have stayed away from us.

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