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Tue, 05 Sep 2006

From The Late-Night Infomercial Desk

Saw an infomercial for the Package Shark (eBay it to see a pic) today. Simple box cutter, set in a groove cut into a disc. Intended for cutting open those pesky hard plastic wraps that many electronic items come in. Those really are a pain and I wondered why nobody does something about it. Well, somebody did.

I am always amazed at the American penchant for building and using tools. And not just big ones-- indeed, some of the most impressive are the smaller, simpler ones. I guess such widespread innovation is enabled by there being a good system for even individuals to design something on their own, take it to market, and make money. For an inventor and his idea, there are companies which will help patent it, others which will help make it, and yet others who'll help sell it.

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