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Sat, 04 Aug 2007

On Being Old

Whaddya know...another David Brooks op-ed I like. Now, if the guy could only avoid writing about politics. Quoting an old book ("Autobiography of an Elderly Woman"), Brooks talks about how the old feel excluded from the hustle-and-bustle of life that goes on around them. They are respected, but not involved. He quotes:

"I do not know when the change came, nor do they, if indeed they realize it at all," she writes. "There was a time when I was of their generation; now I am not. I cannot put my finger on the time when old age finally claimed me." ...

"You count the number of your years by the way your daughter watches your steps; and you see your infirmities in your son's anxious eyes."

The op-ed's a great read, even though it doesn't really have a point, except maybe to wonder when youth supplanted age as the thing to "venerate" and if old people these days feel less isolated.

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