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Sun, 01 Apr 2007

Living with cancer

Jonathan Alter, a regular Newsweek columnist, writes a gem of an article about his struggle with cancer-- a particularly nasty lymphoma. The article is great not because of its prose or arguments or things like that. It's great because of its honesty and detail in its portrayal of how people deal with news that they (or a loved one) has cancer, and the subsequent flurry of activity.

As he mentions in passing, it is ridiculous that some people think themselves fit to judge John Edwards' decision to continue running for president in the face of news that his wife's cancer has returned. Most busybodies who are passing judgment on the Edwards family probably have never had to deal with anything as traumatic as receiving that phone call-- the one that turns their (and their family's) life upside down. My experience with cancer in my family is that the very worst thing you can do with cancer is to sit and mope about it. The only real option is to keep doing stuff that you enjoy-- whether job or hobbies-- while retooling your lifestyle to deal with what's going on.

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