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Sat, 15 Oct 2005

IIT-JEE Pattern Change

Every IITian has very vivid memories of preparing for its entrance exam (JEE). For most of us, it was a time of working harder than we ever had. For some, it was also a time of working harder than they ever will, again.

Coaching classes are not all bad- some of them tutor you in the basics of the subject and help you build insight, rather than teaching you which questions to focus on. But the majority of the coaching institutes are bullshit; and so are their products. I went to coaching classes too, so I should know. Often, these coaching-class products barely make it to IIT, don't/can't keep up at IIT, land an un-rewarding, non-challenging job and lead a nondescript life, wasting a spot at IIT that could've gone to a much more promising kid.

The new pattern changes (described here) make sense, mostly. Except for the all-objective JEE. It is definitely possible to make objective questions incisive and deep. But it's also very very hard. Moreover, subjective questions let students demonstrate partial competency, without having to get the entire thing right. IITs haven't allowed calculators in JEE, so what about calculation mistakes that hurt you big-time in objective questions? Does the JEE committee just want to make the job of evaluators easy?

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