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Thu, 12 Apr 2007


There. I said it. Maira Kalman's paintings in the New York Times (they appear on the first of each month) are very annoying. They are these childishly painted watercolors (I presume) with text written on them. The text's styling is annoying enough. But what makes the paintings insufferable is the text's content. Very new age-y, existential-ish and trying too hard to be both whimsical and zen-ish. Load of crap, if you ask me.

I wouldn't be ranting about this if I could only understand what others see in these paintings. A lot of her fan-base (mostly female, it seems from the comments on NYT site) seems to particularly love the content of the text. Clearly, I seem to be an exception in that I find the text content and the paintings annoying. But the puzzling thing is--- I'm no opinionated art expert. Until now, paintings and I have had an amiable, nonjudgemental acquaintance. Maira Kalman's paintings just annoy the hell out of me, though.

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