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Tue, 05 Sep 2006

Racial Profiling at Airports

Slashdot has an ongoing discussion on racial profiling. There are the usual trolls; but there are also people with interesting stuff to say about profiling, both positive and negative. Interestingly, it's the airlines which seem to assign the multiple 'S' on one's boarding pass (a 'SSSS' indicates high likelihood for being "randomly" selected).

My take? I repeat the golden words of a Slashdot poster: "Random my ass." I've been pulled aside much more often than other (non-brown) passengers when traveling alone. When traveling with the In-house Economist this happens less often; I guess they presume married people won't blow stuff up. Funny, no? When pulled aside, I try to remain calm while getting it across that I don't appreciate the profiling. Can never get the appropriate facial expression, though; I either look too pissed-off or too "I don't mind, you're only doing your job".

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