I am a Research Scientist at CSAIL. My research interests broadly lie in the area of computational biology. Within this, I have worked on a diverse set of research topics, ranging from protein structure prediction to experiment design. However, a common theme running through my work is a focus on integrating datasets from diverse sources to gain a deeper understanding of the biological system. Among the projects I am currently working on are methods for integrative analysis of multimodal single-cell data and leveraging language models that generate informative protein representations by learning from the vast corpus of protein sequences. My PhD dissertation, on algorithms for analyzing protein interaction networks, is available here. One of the key integrative problems addressed there was the global alignment of protein interaction networks. My collaborators and I were honored to receive the Test of Time Award at RECOMB 2019 for the work we have done in this field (specifically, the IsoRank algorithm for global network alignment).

Between my two stints at MIT, first as a PhD candidate and now as a Research Scientist, I've spent about a decade working in quantitative trading (LinkedIn profile). Most recently, I was the CEO of Tech Square Trading, a Boston-based quantitative hedge fund that I co-founded. Before that, I worked at Merrill Lynch and Cubist Systematic. The fields of quant investing and computational biology turn out to require surprisingly similar skills: an expertise in working with large amounts of very messy data and an ability to design robust models that can integrate the data into a coherent picture.

I received my PhD at MIT under the guidance of Prof. Bonnie Berger. Between my Masters and my PhD, I worked for a year at Accelrys, a bioinformatics & cheminformatics company. They are now part of Dassault Systemes. I received a Masters degree from Stanford University, where I was part of Prof. Jean-Claude Latombe's group. I received my undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and went to high school in Bhilai, a smallish town in central India. In a previous life, I used to blog fairly actively, though I haven't gotten back to it in a long while.

Rohit Singh