I am a doctoral researcher in Artificial Intelligence at MIT CSAIL. I work on Self-Supervised machine learning and Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for spoken language technologies such as Speech Recognition and Speech Translation with Dr. James Glass.

Work Experience

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  • SAMU-XLSR: Semantically-Aligned Multimodal Utterance-level Cross-Lingual Speech Representation
    Sameer Khurana, Antoine Laurent, James Glass, Preprint '22 [Paper]

  • CMKD: CNN/Transformer-Based Cross-Model Knowledge Distillation for Audio Classification
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  • Magic dust for cross-lingual adaptation of monolingual wav2vec-2.0
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  • PARP: Prune, Adjust and Re-Prune for Self-Supervised Speech Recognition
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  • Unsupervised domain adaptation for speech recognition via uncertainty driven self-training
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  • Cstnet: Contrastive speech translation network for self-supervised speech representation learning
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  • DeepSol: A Deep Learning Framework for Sequence-Based Protein Solubility Prediction.
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