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I don't really keep these pages update. My Twitter Account and LinkedIn Account more current. The link to my CV below gets updated every few years.

Here are some of my former affiliations:

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I'm an Entrepreneur in the Machine Vision space. I founded Scalable Display Technologies, which makes amazing displays by taking lots of small projectors, and making them look like one gigantic projector (We use a camera feedback loop to do it!).
I also advice a number of startup companies in the Boston area. This whiteboard sharing one is pretty cool Cyclops; it's a great remote collaboration tool for whiteboards.

Here is my contact information:

Office:                                   Home:
        Lab Central                          
        700 Main Street                    44 Locke Street
        Cambridge, MA 02139                Cambridge, MA 02140
                                           cell: (617) 320-9413

Brigham and Women's Hospital:
        fax: (617)-582-6033
        phone: (617)-732-5500, x31405 in the SPL.
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