Dinner Parties

Once upon a time, I was inspired to put my menus on the web...no more. I've thrown many dinner parties since the ones listed here.

Jun 21, 2000 Guests: Polina Golland, Ron Droror, Allison Roberts
Hors D'oeuvres Olive toast. (a olive-pinenut-garlic-basil spread on lightly toasted Vienna bread)
Soupe Summer Melon Soup
Salade Colorful pepper salad
Rosemary vinagrette.
Entree Swordfish in a lemon-dill sauce.
Gratin Dauphinois (Sliced potatoes in cheese sauce)
Dessert Tart aux Mangues et Poire (Mango-Pear Tart)

July 6, 2000 Guests: Lauren O'Donnell, Lilla Zollei, Mike Stage, Hu Imm Lee, and Michael Qin (Q).
Hors D'oeuvres Eggplant Caviar on a Baguette
Pasta Linguini in Roquefort Sauce
Salade Artichoke Heart Salad in a lemon-parmesian vinagrette.
Entree Salmon in a lemon-caper sauce.
Quiche Provencal
Tomatoes Provencal (picture)
Dessert Tarte aux Myrtilles(Blueberry Tart)