2013 Activities and Events

Across Two Summers Part II – The Countryside at War: Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013 — 10am to 4pm, Minute Man National Historic Park, Rte 2A Lincoln, MA, Hartwell Tavern

"In the summer of 1775, the people of Massachusetts faced the challenge of supporting an army at war while at the same time trying to provide for their own homes and families. Visit Hartwell Tavern to learn about life during the Siege of Boston. Talk to displaced refugees traveling away from Boston and surrounding communities, as well as Provincial soldiers heading towards the front lines. Enlist in the Massachusetts Army, learn the proper military exercise of the day, help manufacture musket and artillery cartridges, and immerse yourself in another period of time, when nothing less than Liberty was at stake."

There are a variety of impressions available for you to consider, for example:

This is not meant to be a "first-person" type of event, though if you would like to take on a character and do so, you are welcome to. The idea is to help the public understand what was happening in the countryside several months after the events of April 19th. We are asking attendees to provide your clothing documentation, which can be a simple 3x5 card outlining the primary sources for your outermost garments or as elaborate and detailed as you'd like. When we get a chance, we'll post some examples from last year's Challenge on the Hive blog so you can see what others have done. It's easier than you think!

If you'd like to join in, send an email to Hiveworkshops@gmail.com and we'll add you to the email distribution list for the event. If you have any additional ideas for impressions or scenarios, please let us know.

Foodways: Preserving the Harvest: Saturday, Oct 19, 2013 — 10am to 4pm, Minute Man National Historic Park, Rte 2A Lincoln, MA, Hartwell Tavern

Take part in a living history day at Hartwell Tavern where we will be ensuring our food supply for the winter and early spring by employing period food preservation techniques. From meat to fruits and vegetables you'll be able to both watch and participate in preparing foodstuffs for winter storage. Before refrigeration, one had to utilize a variety of methods to make harvest last. You'll learn how drying, pickling, salting, brining, cellaring and canning were done, as well as how some of these foods were reconstituted for later use.

Hive Blog entries on this and prior food preservation events: