2014 Hive Schedule

The Sunday Hive sessions are free of charge and open to Park Volunteers and members of the living history community. Please note that some clinics have materials costs, which are payable to the instructor on the day of the clinic.

Note locations: All 2014 Sunday Hive sessions will take place at Minuteman Vocational Technical High School; see directions. Follow the Hive signs.

If you have questions, email Hiveworkshops@gmail.com

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Hive 1: "All Things Battle Road", Sunday, January 5 — 11am to 4pm, sponsored by the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment

Even though Minute Man National Historical Park will not be sponsoring a large scale Battle Road this year due to sequestration and other budget cuts, we felt it important to continue with our original plan to start off the season with a Battle Road themed Hive. The Park Service will need volunteers more than ever this summer, and by learning more about what happened on April 19th, will make us all better interpreters.

“The Buzz” 11–12pm  

Come early, grab a cup of coffee and catch up with friends. Come shop at the Sign of the Golden Scissors. Coffee and tea will be provided; snacks to share are always welcome.


12pm–12:30pm   April 19th – On The Road
Ranger Jim Hollister will present and overview of the events of April 19th—more specifically, some of the key events that happened along the Battle Road.

12:30pm–1pm   The Power of the Press
Gary Gregory, the owner of The Colonial Print Shop of Edes & Gill will share some of the ways the press shaped public opinion before and after April 19th.

1pm–1:45pm   A Field Guide to British Uniforms
Greg Hurley will look at the the British troops that occupied Boston before during and up to the evacuation—but from a clothing perspective. What does their uniform tell of their specific function, their history and who they were?

1:45pm–2:15pm   Documenting your clothing – New England 1775
We'll look at a couple different interpretations and review how to justify selections of fabric, style and accessories. When someone asks you, "Why are you wearing that?" … you'll be able to provide the proper documentation that will support your choices.

Breakout Sessions 2pm–4pm (concurrently run)

Newbie Clinic for Women
See what you need to create an accurate kit for women. Great for the new reenactress or someone who wants to make improvements to their current impression.

Making a dorset (thread) button
An easy way to make your present shirt more accurate by replacing a plastic or horn button with thread buttons.

Using props as interpretive tools
Ever get tongue-tied when approached by a tourist? Use a prop that you are familiar with as an ice breaker. It's amazing how something you are carrying can create a teachable moment for a Park visitor.

Making simple repairs
Ok—no more excuses for a missing button, blown-out seam or hole in your breeches. Learn to make some simple repairs that require no more than a needle and thread and a little bit of instruction. Bring your item that needs a bit of TLC and get it ready for the season.

Hive 2: "It's About Accessories!", Sunday, February 9 — 11:00 to 3:30pm, sponsored by His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot

“The Buzz” 11–12pm  

Come early, grab a cup of coffee and catch up with friends. Come shop at the Sign of the Golden Scissors. Coffee and tea will be provided; snacks to share are always welcome.


12pm–12:30pm   It's All in the Details (For men & women)
We'll take a closer look at accessories like neck clothes, hats, aprons and handkerchiefs. Sometimes how you wear things is as important as what you actually wear.

12:30pm–1:15pm   Knapsacks and Gaiters
Henry Cooke will discuss two rather ubiquitous accessories that we think we know, but don't often get right.

1:30pm–2:30pm   Stocking Up, What's Good, Better, Best for Your Legs
A panel discussion with Colleen Humphreys, Carol Kocian and Sharon Burnston. Okay, we don't have the perfect, "best" stocking yet, but there are repros out there in the categories of "good," "better," and "avoid." We'll look at some originals, discuss the characteristics of 18th century stockings, and compare them against what's out there. Please bring along your own stockings for review. You might have a repro source we don't know yet. Some manufacturers are interested in feedback, so this is also an opportunity to ask for improvements.

Breakout Sessions 2:30pm–3:30pm (concurrently run)

Continue the stocking discussion. Bring you own stockings for review. Take a closer look at originals.

Sleeve Ruffles & Bosom Ruffles
The George Washington's Birthday Ball is coming up! Perhaps you'd like to doll up your shirt or shift a bit with some ruffles. Learn how to hem, gather and attach linen ruffles. Not difficult to do, but there are a few tricks. We will have kits available that will include fine linen, thread and instructions. For Gentlemen—Bosom & Sleeve Ruffle for your shirt ($10). For Ladies—Ruffle for your shift sleeve ($5). If you'd prefer to use your own fine linen, bring it along.

Sewing Circle
Stuck on a sewing project you are working on? Just want to learn a few pointers? Henry and Steph will answer your questions, and hopefully get you over that trouble spot that's preventing you from finishing up your latest project.

Hive 3, Sunday, March 2 — 11am to 3:30pm

“The Buzz” 11–12pm  

Come early, grab a cup of coffee and catch up with friends. Come shop at the Sign of the Golden Scissors. Coffee and tea will be provided; snacks to share are always welcome.


12pm–12:20pm   Goal for the Season—Documenting One Thing
Take a look at how others are taking on the challenge of documenting one item of their kit!

12:30pm–1:30pm   Hair for Men & Women
Looking at the time period between 1765–1788, we'll explore how hairdos evolved for both men and ladies.

12:45pm–2:30pm   Creamware
Your hair can be perfect, your clothes divine, but your props? Not so much... Inaccurate accouterments can ruin the whole effect. Sharon Burnston will be sharing her knowledge of creamware. A closer look at the things used for serving and eating off of.

Breakout Sessions 2:45pm–3:30pm

Bring this Not That
Continue the discussion about ceramic ware. Bring a piece and let the group help you decide if you should bring it or leave it home.

Hair Tips
How do I make my hair look like the one in the portrait? Some tips and traps about wearing wigs.

Shoe Buckles
Didn't get a chance to get those shoe buckles on last time? Bring your shoes and get your buckles on once and for all!